UMPlayer 0.98

UMPlayer (Freeware)

UMPlayer or Universal Media Player allows users to play different kinds of media files. The program has over 270 built-in audio and video codecs that covers all the popular file formats. The program also comes with a YouTube video player and recorder that users can use to watch and download videos from YouTube without having to open a web browser window. The program’s interface is simple and all the buttons for tasks can be found at the top part of the window. The player’s controls (play, pause, stop, rewind, fast forward, volume, etc.) are located at the bottom part of the window.

One of the features of UMPlayer is the subtitle search. Users can look for the correct subtitles by searching for them on, which can be done within the application’s window. UMPlayer comes with several audio and video filters so that users can customize their viewing/listening experience. Some of the video filters that come with the program include magnification, deinterlace, cropping, image adjust, and remove noise. Audio filters include equalizer, extrastereo, volume normalization, and voice removal.

Other features of the UMPlayer include the following:
• Customizable hotkeys for controlling the program’s functions
• Auto track switching
• Video thumbnail maker
• Skinnable interface
• Remember media settings