UltraZip (Shareware)

UltraZip is a compression tool developed by UltraZip and released on January 2000. The program enables users to view the contents of a zipped file. The program allows users to compress folders and files to save on space. The program can also extract the contents of a zipped file. UltraZip also features password protection capability enabling users to securely compress and store their files. Users may also add comments and tags on zipped files for easier referencing. The program also features wildcard capabilities.

UltraZip features a Windows Explorer-like user. The taskbar at the top allows users to access the most essential tasks like Open Zip, Settings, Add files, and Add folder buttons, among others. Below the task bar is a table showing the files included in the zipped file, their corresponding folder paths, and file types. The status bar is located at the bottom. It shows the compression status or the extraction status.  Users may add files or folders into the zipped folder by using the buttons at the top. They may also drag and drop files and folders inside the window to add the same. The context menu enables users to move or delete files inside the zipped file.  The program supports all kinds of file formats, even executable ones. The program automatically detects executable files and allows users to execute the same instead of decompressing it. The program likewise provides support for large files.