UltraVPN (Freeware)

UltraVPN is a virtual private network that offers users a secure way of connecting online. Based on the application OpenVPN, it is a tool that enables users to route their Internet connection by through the use of a secure server so that they can browse online anonymously. This makes sure that the users’ personal data are protected, and that blocked applications may be used. There is no limit to the traffic quota.

With this tool, users can:

• Ensure privacy when opening emails and browsing websites
• Access blocked websites if within a corporate or controlled environment
• Watch video and television streaming sites
• Connect or log in to blocked sites
• Use VoIP programs

The program interface is simple and lets users connect to the virtual private network by just entering a username and address in the application’s main window. The main window displays the information about the user’s connection status as well as the potential errors in connection.

Users can set a default connection that will be used by UltraVPN by creating a shortcut and by selecting the parameter labeled “—connect”. From the Options window, users can change the parameters used for connection and identify a proxy server.

Support for this program has been discontinued and the application itself is no longer functional.