UltraVNC (Freeware)

UltraVNC SC is a mini UltraVNC program developed by UltraVNC and released on 2008. UltraVNC is a remote desktop software that enables users to access and control another computer in another location. This is highly useful when the user provides remote technical support to clients. UltraVNC users can just access the client’s computer to fix the technical issue and show the client how it is done at the same time.

This is where the UltraVNC SC comes into play. The UltraVNC SC is a small utility that may be used in conjunction with the UltraVNC program. It need not be installed in the client’s computer. Instead, it can be run just by clicking the executable file. This will allow the user to access the client’s computer hassle-free. SC in UltraVNC SC stands for Single Click. This forgoes the need to download and install complicated programs to get remote support.

UltraVNC SC provides reverse connection support. Connections need to be initiated by the UltraVNC SC before they may be remotely accessed. The UltraVNC user has to supply an IP address to the UltraVNC SC user so that it can initiate a remote connection.

The UltraVNC SC application also supports file transfers and directory transfers. The program does not support unattended service connections nor incoming connections, thus no security worries. Also, the moment the program is closed, it is automatically uninstalled and the connection is terminated.