UltraVNC (64-bit)

UltraVNC (Freeware)

UltraVNC, also called uVNC, is a remote administration application that allows users to control another computer using a remote system. The program is developed using Java, C++, and C. A computer can be controlled using the keyboard and a mouse. This software is mostly used by help desks, IT departments, remote computer support, teachers, and cybercafés. The program uses DSM encryption to ensure secured communication between the server and the computer.

The UltraVNC program can also be used for transferring files to and from computers. Even folders can be transferred easily. The software compresses the files before sending for quicker file transfer. Transferring files can be done with the ‘Single Click’ function. Apart from this, the program also has a built-in chat system for easy communication between the local computer and the remote computer. However, the chat does not keep logs of the conversation. Once the chat window is closed, the messages are deleted.

Here are more features of the UltraVNC application:
Optional encryption plugins
Viewer auto scaling and server scaling
Multiple-monitor support
No-install remote help desk option
Add-ons (Repeater, SingleClick, and NATtoNAT)

All VNC versions can usually connect together over networks, since they follow the RFB protocol when communicating.