UltraStar 1.0.2

Loud Arts (Open Source)

UltraStar is a karaoke game developed for use on the computer.  Music enthusiasts are challenged to sing the song they choose from the selection available, and try to perform as best as they can.  Song lyrics are displayed onscreen, as well as bars representing the players’ voice.  The software will then evaluate how well the player rendered the song in comparison with the original, and award a score based on the players’ ability to sing.  

The game offers many features that will provide hours of music fun.  It has a single-player mode so users can practice by themselves, and a mutli-player mode so they can challenge their peers to a friendly competition.  They can also choose to sing solo or sing duet with a partner, select the number of players competing, decide on the difficulty level  (easy, medium, hard), and pick the song they want to sing.

Players create their own profiles, and these are used on the score screen where they can see and compare scores with other players.  The best singers’ profiles are featured in the game’s Top 5 Charts.

With UltraStar’s user-friendly interface, anyone can navigate through the program with ease.  In addition, those who have a knack for music can make their own karaoke songs using the game’s song creator.