UltraSentry 13.00

IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. (Shareware)

UltraSentry is a security application used for encrypting folders and files that are stored in the computer. This is useful for computers that are shared by several users. Aside from encrypting files, the program is also capable of permanently deleting files, so that they cannot be recovered even with the use of special software. The application also has a feature called Digital Locker. With this feature, users will be able to store files in a safe location in the system. It supports the drag-and-drop method allowing users to simply drag and drop a file to the locker to prevent other users from accessing the file. The Digital Locker is password protected as well.

The application has a military-grade shredder for deleting files from the system. Files that are deleted can never be recovered. Files can be deleted from the application’s Drop Center or by right clicking on a file and choosing the option from the menu.

Here are the other features of the UltraSentry program:

• capable of removing web browser traces, such as temporary Internet files, cookies, and history
• encrypt individual files or store them in the Digital Locker
• simple and easy to use interface that can be used by beginners