JAM Software (Freeware)

UltraSearch is an application used for searching files contained in drives. It does not make use of a background process nor indexes ,which have been previously built. Its speed is made possible by working precisely on NTFS partitions’ Master File Table. Results are seen while typing, rendering almost instant results.  

An Explorer context menu is also available. Clicking on the F1 button opens up the program’s Help manual. Search results may be exported or printed as Excel, CSV, and text files. The program has an efficient and compact layout with a window that can be dragged. The program provides an entry field for searching, along with a results list that displays last accessed file, file size, file type, and other information. At the interface’s bottom panel, available disk drives, disk drives’ total size, and available space are represented as a bar graph and by percentage. Default filters and created patterns could be added. To exclude a certain filter one simply has to uncheck its specific box. Right clicking on results allow users to access a Windows context menu that opens up a folder containing an item, open the item it contains, rename the folder, open the file using a different program, delete, copy, and move files, just to name a few.