UltraCo, Inc. (Freeware)

UltraPlayer is a media player developed and released by the company, UltraCo Inc. in 2000. This application supports various media file formats including AVI, MP3, MPG, WAV, RM, and WAV. The user interface is simple and straightforward and can be easily navigated by all kinds of users. Users can customize the look of their player by choosing from the program’s selection of skins, themes, and visual effects. The player comes in the form of a small window that contains all the important buttons needed to play audio and video files. Users can use the file browser to import files, or simply drag and drop them to the screen. Standard media functions like play, stop, and pause are visible on the interface and users can easily move forward and backward within track lists and even the tracks themselves. The window can be set to full screen or minimized to a more space-saving size.

UltraPlayer also allows users to create their own playlists, activate the shuffling feature, configure the equalizer, and turn the volume to mute. The program also has the ability to convert MP3 audio files to WAV format and various sound effects can be added to the MP3s in order to enhance the user’s listening experience.