Ultralingua 7

Ultralingua, Inc. (Shareware)

Ultralingua, Inc. released Ultralingua 7 in 2008. This is a dictionary program that translates various languages. Some users rely on the application for basic translation needs while others use it as a learning tool for conversational purposes. This particular program provides its users with different sets of dictionaries. Aside from English, the dictionary’s provided translations can be viewed in the following languages:

• Portuguese
• Spanish
• Italian
• German
• French

Users can configure the program to display search results in their desired language. Aside from ordinary translations, colloquial terms, and a list of everyday expressions, users of the program can also find listings for verb conjugations and other, more complicated, grammar-related elements. These particular lists can be used together if necessary. It is also possible for users to engage in language-learning sessions when it comes to the Ultralingua 7 software. The language-learning feature gives users the opportunity to study various phrases in different languages.

Aside from the multi-language dictionary options that are available in Ultralingua 7, the program also comes with multi-language thesaurus options. The thesaurus feature enables users to find synonyms and antonyms of words in the languages stated above, in addition to basic definitions and alternate meanings of certain words.