EZB Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

UltraISO is a CD and DVD tool used to create and modify disc image files. A disc image is the data inside an optical disc. This tool also provides a way to convert image files into different formats.

UltraISo can extract files directly from an ISO image file. It can edit the image content. Creating an ISO file from a hard disk document is supported. Users can also create a CD/DVD image from the CD/DVD ROM.

The image file can also be optimized to save disc space. UltraISO supports a wide number of image formats. Among them are ISO, BIN and CUE In addition to that, there is multiple language support.

UltraISO has a user interface (called the double window user interface) that contains tools necessary for editing the disc image. The "tools" menu has the options for conversion and burning needs. There is also a separate menu for disk images that are bootable.

Other features are the following:

• Ability to make a file hidden. The same is true with folders.
• Supports the option to open image files through "double click" or "right click:
• Add-on tools are also available. Creating an ALL in 1 bootable compact disc is possible.