Stegisoft (Shareware)

UltraFileSearch is a tool used for searching files and folders in the computer. It also supports searches on USB thumb drives, external hard disks, and discs that are inserted in the computer. The program is an advanced alternative to the Windows search feature. Search results can be filtered according to category. It can be filtered by date modification, filename, file size, and so on. Search results, which can be used as reference, can be exported in different file formats as well including XML, HTML, CSV, and TXT. The program does not clog the system resources.

The program has an intuitive interface that has two sections. The upper portion of the main window is where users can search for files and make use of the search filters. The lower portion of the window displays the files that were found in the system. Other information displayed include the filename, folder location, size of the file, file extension, file type, date modified and many more.

Here is a list of other features of the application:
• Displays statistics of search that are found in the system
• Has an Exclude Folders feature for excluding locations in the computer that do not need to be searched
• Results list can be arranged in any order