Mustangpeak (Freeware)

UltraExplorer is an application that functions as a file manager for Microsoft Windows. With this, the user can manage browsing, refresh, and viewing settings. The user can set up auto –refresh and can edit the viewing modes to small icon, list, details, thumbnails, tiles, details thumb and column mode, and dual panel list views. This software also allows for the creation of a favorites list, use of the “cut”, and “copy” and “paste” commands in file management, linkage of network drives and display of folder sizes. It utilizes minimal amount of computer system resources and responds to keyboard shortcuts, such as CTRL+C and CTRL+V for copy and paste commands, respectively.

The user interface for UltraExplorer can be completely customized. It has key features including the following:

• Folders Window: This feature displays the folders in a treeview position which the user can place anywhere in the application’s user interface.
• History Window. This feature allows the user to keep track of used items with the level of details also defined by the user. The items stored on this window can be dragged and dropped to another area for use, much like the original file.
• Tabbed Folders: This feature allows the user to open multiple folders at once and see the results on different tabs.
• Filter Window: This feature allows the user to limit the amount of information that he sees. The user uses this by creating sort of arguments, which take out the data or folder that are not needed.

Other features include the Drop Stack Window, Favorites Window, Command Line Window, ListView Window and Task Window. This software has been discontinued.