UltraEdit 20.0

IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. (Shareware)

UltraEdit is a comprehensive programming application for use in Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux-based operating systems. It contains a set of tools that aids programmers in writing and editing HTML, HEX, and PHP text. With this application, programmers can do brace matching, syntax highlighting, code folding, and text formatting, among other tasks easily and efficiently.

UltraEdit has a number of advanced features, including the following:

• XML Manager – this tool is used to provide the user with access to a parsed visual map, a tree-style view of the active file. Users can double-click on a parent/child node in order to go to that part in the XML file. From there, the user can choose to delete, move, edit, reformat, or copy nodes.
• Smart Templates – these templates allows users set up code templates that are specific to a particular programming language and insert these into same-language source files. It provides users with options on adding context-sensitive auto-complete objects and auto-expanding text, and also allows users to add other custom variables.
• XML/HTML Tag Highlighting – the program automatically detects if the user is working with XML or HTML. When users click on an opening or a closing tag, this application will then highlight its matching tag to help users in determining whether tags are nested and closed correctly.