Ultra WinCleaner One Click

Business Logic Corporation (Shareware)

UltraWinCleaner One-Click is a PC maintenance utility known for its ease of use. It was launched in 2001 by Business Logic Corporation. It pioneered the “One-Click” cleanup function that is often seen today in many other system maintenance utilities. The program is mainly intended for novice PC users who prefer to streamline their PC maintenance duties. It is designed to carry out the functions of Ultra WinCleaner seamlessly. This means components such as WinJunk and Shortcut Cleaner, WinNet and Privacy Cleaner, and WinReg Cleaner are all integrated into a one-button solution, eliminating the need to open several other applications.

Using the program is as easy as one would think. After a quick installation, the user opens up the program and clicks the “Start” button in the application window and the utility performs the rest of the process by itself. After the scan is complete, a dialog box appears with the results of the scan. Users can then select which of the results will be removed and the respective recoverable disk space for each. For novice users, this method of PC maintenance would be very easy to do. For advanced users, a more detailed interface is available. This allows the launching of individual scan components separately, allowing more specialized scans if the user wishes to do so.