Ultra Virus Killer

Carifred (Shareware)

Ultra Virus Killer, often abbreviated to UVK, is a security program that protects the system from threats that can make the system vulnerable. It was first released in 2010. One of the main features of the program is the UVK Immunization. This feature does not stop viruses from entering the system. Instead, it stops processes from changing the registry keys that are often changed by malware and other threats. It can work hand-in-hand with the virus program installed in the computer.

The application has a straightforward interface with buttons corresponding to tasks that the program can do. There are four buttons at the lower left part of the window – System Booster, Smart Uninstaller, System Immunization, and Options. Other buttons are for other tools included in the program. Some of them are Autorun manager, Process manager, Service manager, System repair, and Run scripts. Here are more details on the other tools in the program:

• Process Manager – The Process Manager displays a list of all the running processes. This is where users can see how much RAM each uses and if the publisher of the process is verified or not.
• Autorun Manager – The Autorun Manager is where users can see all the programs that run during computer startup.
• Scan and Create Log – This section is where the user can perform a scan of the system. Several check boxes are available. A report is displayed after the scan.