Ultra Tag Editor

Atelio Software, Inc. (Shareware)

A tag editing and music organizing application, Ultra Tag Editor helps its users easily sort out their music file collections, label the files appropriately, and set up MP3 files for CD burning. The editing software supports MP3 as well as OGG Vorbis file types. It comes packed with a mechanism for exporting tracks information to the most commonly used file formats like XLS, HTML, CSV, and text files. It also has an integrated MP3 and OGG player complete with volume control.

With this program, tags can be generated from filenames, files can receive new names according to tag information, and tag information can be copied between formats (ID3v1 to ID3v2, and vice versa). In addition, it works well with freedB. FreedB is a database resource available online for looking up CD information. It generates a unique disc ID for a CD in the user’s CD-Rom and then searches the database. Through this, various content information will be displayed for the CD, including the name of the artist, composer, track titles, album, genre, disc number, lyrics, lyricist, and so on.

Here are other things made possible by Ultra Tag Editor:

• Comparing tags defined by ID3v1 and ID3v2 formats
• Filling in track numbers automatically
• Removing tags
• Editing the list of genres
• Creating M3U and PLS playlists