Ultra Net Booster (Freeware)

Ultra Net Booster is a computer program designed to maintain optimal health and responsiveness of a Windows PC to an existing Internet connection. There are three utilities contained in the Ultra Net Booster package. With this program, there is no chance for data fragmentation. Though maximum transfer speed remains constant, this application can optimize network/modem settings so that the current level of efficiency of the hardware in use is increased.

Ultra Net Booster performs its functions by allowing users to adjust the Windows Registry resulting in a boost of Internet performance. The interface is intuitive and simple to use. With a few clicks the overall performance is improved as much as 500%. Automatic or manual configuration settings are available to users.

One way by which this program optimizes Internet usage in real time is its capability to free RAM or physical memory. With one click on the button labeled, “Optimize” the computer system receives a boost. Automatic optimization can be scheduled by the user to be launched regularly. Ultra Net Booster offers Windows users a fast and effective means to improve Web browsing and other Internet activities.

Ultra Net Booster supports all hardware and software adapters as well as different connection types including ISDN, DSL, T1, T2, T3, LAN, Satellite, and Dial-Up.