Ultra Librarian

Accelerated Designs, Inc (Proprietary)

Ultra Librarian is a CAD library application that enables users to merge multiple CAD tool libraries in a single standard set. In addition, users will be able to build a CAD library from scratch. This library tool gives users access to a comprehensive CAD-neutral vendor part database, as well as controls for automated methods of library data collection. It serves as an all-in-one, completely customizable data source for all CAD-related simulation, design, and 3D modeling data.

This application’s features are as follows:
• Built-in Revision Control feature for program footprints and components
• Intelligent linking of footprints that are already existing in the system and symbols to new components. The utility does the verifications automatically.
• The library application may be interfaced directly into another database that may already be present. This provides users with the ability to view and manage newly created as well as existing symbols and footprints.
• Component Database System – this feature provides users with access to information about a particular component or series of CAD components. The information is based on detailed electrical parameters.

Ultra Librarian’s Component Database System also provides users with a location where online information is collected. The search results are matched to correct the database’s symbol and footprint combination to ensure that all components contain the correct attributes.