Ultra Analog VA

Applied Acoustics Systems DVM Inc. (Proprietary)

Ultra Analog VA is audio application developed by Applied Acoustics Systems DVM. This app aims to provide users with the experience of listening to music via analog circuitry. VA stands for Virtual Analog. This application features and uses of alias-free oscillators, sub-oscillators, integrated pitch envelopes, hard drive synchronization, and standard-wave types.

Ultra Analog VA sync offers users complete multimode filters, dedicated envelope generators, and low frequency oscillators (LFOs) that can be synced. These features help the users create dynamic and adjustable analog tones. It has a predetermined library that was developed by professional sound designers. The library provides all the elements of an analog spectrum, starting from the vintage synthesizers up to the modern VA. This application has a separate feature to perform quick jams and experiments, a musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) clock, and tempo synchronization for applying effects and modulation.

Ultra Analog allows the user to find and tweak sounds with the help of the application’s categorized browser and its intuitive interface. It is capable of delivering a comprehensive range of analog sounds while allowing unlimited undo or redo capabilities when editing. This application also has an integrated audio recorder for capturing any sound. Users have real-time control over the parameters by using the MIDI controller knob, fader, and switch.