Ultimate ZIP Cracker

VDGSoftware (Shareware)

Ultimate ZIP Cracker is a software application developed by the company, VDGSoftware that enables users to recover their forgotten passwords for numerous types of files. These file types include MS Word, MS Excel, ARJ, and ZIP. In addition, files created in Microsoft Office 97-2003, WinArj, WinZip, and other well-known compression tools are supported by the program. The recovery process is very simple – it consists of three basic steps. The first thing that the user needs to do is to input the location path of the password-protected file, which can belong to any of the previously mentioned formats. The user can perform various tasks in order to retrieve the password including dictionary search, brief scan, phonetic attack, plaintext attack, brute force attack, customized search, and free type validator among others. Each one of these functions has a description that helps the user determine the most suitable method for him/her.

Once the user has selected a recovery method, Ultimate ZIP Cracker then presents him/her with more options like length of the password, the characters that can be used in the password such as uppercase letters, numbers, low lines, and separators. The duration of the recovery process depends on the complexity and length of the password. The application indicates the progress of the recovery and the estimated time of completion.