Ultimate Windows Tweaker

The Windows Club (Freeware)

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a program for changing and optimizing Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems. The program has a simple interface packed with settings and options for the user to change. The program’s main window shows eight parts of Windows that can be tweaked. Under System Information, users can view basic information about the computer including the operating system, version processor, system type, RAM, and computer domain settings.

Users can personalize the way the system behaves by simply checking or unchecking boxes beside the different attributes. Some of the changes that can be made include customization of the Start menu, the appearance of the taskbar, the items included in the Start menu, and the Windows Explorer. Under each category, there is a ‘Create Checkpoint’ button so that users can easily revert back to the original settings of the computer. There is also a ‘Restore Defaults’ button.

The ultimate Windows Tweaker application does not need to be installed in a computer in order for it to run. Users can save the program on a USB stick and use it with other systems by clicking on the executable file. The application comes with more than 150 tweaks and settings for optimizing and personalizing Windows computers.