Ultimate TagScanner

Sergey Serkov (Freeware)

Ultimate TagScanner is a music application that can rename music files depending on the file's tag information. It can change the title of music files based on the song's information. The song's information can also be edited. Information that can be edited includes the song's title, album, artist, and the song's genre, if available. There are over 140 genre options available. The program can even reorganize the file's structure and even cut file names. Additionally, even embedded lyrics can be changed. This is to support music software and hardware that support lyrics display while playing the song, such as the iPod and iPhone.

When connected to the Internet, the application can even pull album art from online databases like Amazon. There is a batch processor that can edit tags in multiple songs in just one go. Additionally, the program can even undo changes made by the user. When displaying music files, the song information's order can be displayed. This means the song can be displayed with the title first, with the album first, with the artist name first, etc. Furthermore, the program has a built-in music player. This means songs can be played straight from the application.

Other features of the software include the following:

• Alter the program's language
• Check for updates automatically
• Create templates that are customized for folders