Ultimate Spiderman

Treyarch Corp. (Freeware)

Players can plunge inside a comic book through Treyarch Corporation’s video game, Ultimate Spider-Man. The game was designed to capture the essence and feel of a comic book-come-alive, and lets gamers experience being part of the story – alternately taking the role of both the protagonist, superhero Spiderman (also known as Peter Parker) as well as his arch nemesis, super villain Venom (also called Eddie Brock).

The game has 19 chapters, which contain a lot of challenges for the players. Initially, in chapters 1 and 3, they go through a tutorial for both Spiderman and Venom, respectively. They learn how to control Spidey’s web slinging abilities as well as fighting actions. They also get to master the use of Venom’s tendrils and claws and other attack strategies, as well as feed on people to rejuvenate himself.

Throughout the game, players need to fight their way against enemies. These challenges include facing the likes of Wolverine from the X-Men, the Human Torch from Fantastic 4, Silver Sable of the Wild Pack, and more. They also engage in other minor goals, such as finding hidden comic book covers, secret tokens, etc.

Ultimate Spider-Man offers players a real adventure throughout Manhattan and Queens in New York, with plenty of missions to keep them on their toes throughout the game.