Ultimate Monster Trucks

MyPlayCity (Freeware)

Ultimate Monster Trucks is a racing game that allows players to experience driving trucks in different locations around the world, such as USA, Russia, France, China, Germany, and Spain. There are also unique racing tracks for each location. Players can practice driving the trucks in time-attack or single race modes. Once familiar with controlling the vehicle, users can join the championship level and try to beat other racers. Players race against other contestants in a 3D game environment.

Ultimate Monster Trucks features a simple interface. Players can see the monster truck in a third person point of view. The race time can be seen at the upper left portion of the game screen, while the player’s racing position and the number of laps can be seen at the upper right side of the window. The lower left corner of the game screen shows the speed of the vehicle. There is also a small race circuit at the bottom right part of the screen to guide the player on the direction to go while racing.

Other features of the Ultimate Monster Trucks game are the following:
• Wide selection of monster trucks to use
• Makes use of high level 3D graphics
• Race in different locations