Ultimate ISO Maker

CrackDown Soft (Freeware)

Ultimate ISO Maker   is a simple CD and DVD utility developed by CrackDown Soft. The program was released on January 2013. Ultimate ISO Maker   enables users to convert a DVD or CD file into ISO file format. This ISO file can then be burned into another CD or DVD, effectively creating an exact copy of the original CD or DVD. This allows users to create as many copies of the original CD or DVD as they would like to ensure that the original disc does not get damaged. This is particularly useful for gamers where playing the game requires that the disc be inserted every time they play.

Ultimate ISO Maker features a simple graphical user interface. It features a simple grey window a dropdown selector on the top left, and a big button on the right side. The drop down selector enables users to choose the CD or DVD drive where the disc is inserted. To commence the process, users have to click on the big Create ISO button.  The window also displays a grey grid. This grid shows the status of the creation process. As the creation progresses, the grey grid changes its color.  The program also enables users to choose the target output path for the created ISO file. Users can choose the target path when the creation process is done.