Ultimate defragmenter

DiskTrix (Shareware)

Ultimate Defrag is a disk defragmenter program developed by DiskTrix. The program does not only work as a defragmenter. It also works as a file placement optimizer. The program keeps a database used for tracking the files, programs and other data on a hard drive. This information helps determine the most and least frequently used data. Most frequently used data can then be stored to the hard drive’s High Performance area while the least frequently used data are placed in the slower area of the hard drive.

Ultimate Defrag offers six defrag methods with more than 30 combination options. It also has two user modes – Novice and Expert. Novice Mode is used when performing basic functions of the program while the Expert Mode is used to access the program’s advanced features. The application is also capable of performing File Usage Database Maintenance Operations. This operation is for cleaning the file usage database for the hard drives. There’s also an option not to use the file usage database. The program also offers actions after the defrag operations such as shutting down the computer or putting it on sleep mode. There’s also the Disk Metaphor feature that allows users to see where the files are located in the drives.

Other main features offered by this program includes
• OptiSeek Technology
• In-Place Defragging
• Black Box software
• Flexible Scheduling of Defragging