Ulead PhotoExpress

Ulead Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Ulead PhotoExpress is a program that can be used to create and edit projects that involve images and special effects. In a nutshell, this utility is a one-click tool that edits captured photos from a camera directly to the program. The main functions of this application are creation of web projects, animated GIFs, and mobile animations as well as the design of wallpapers and photo albums.

PhotoExpress is a tool which gives users the power to correct errors on the images and allows them to add their personal touches to it. This program features 800 special effects options which include custom signatures, stamps, distinctive edges, and props for decoration purposes. Images can also be turned into Magic cube and applied with a kaleidoscope effect. This imaging application is developed by Ulead Systems, Inc. and designed for ease of use. It has a quick start panel that can be deployed easily.

This is a program that acts as a multi-functional application because it is not only capable of design and editing functions. It is also capable of converting files so that they can be used on mobile devices. This program may also be used to email the creations so that they can be shared with family members and friends.Ulead PhotoExpress is also equipped with printing tools. This program is available as a trial version with limited features.