Ulead Photo Express

Ulead Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Ulead Photo Express is an image-editing program developed and released by Ulead Systems in June 2011. Ulead Photo Express allows users to manipulate images and apply special effects. Users may also take pictures directly from the program through an attached web camera. Ulead Photo Express also allows users to utilize edited pictures and create photo projects like photo albums, slideshows, calendars, and even GIF animations. Ulead Photo Express creations may be printed, emailed, or optimized for mobile devices.

Ulead Photo Express user interface features six tabs on the top panel above the main workspace. Get Photo allows users to select which photos to use for editing or project creation. Edit tab offers six options—Adjust, Selection, Text, Paint, Effect and Decorate. Text option allows users to add text boxes superimposed on images. Effects option features special color effects and textures. Decorate option features Edges, Frame, Fill color, Customized Signatures and Shadow effects. Bottom panel of the interface features the timeline, which allows users to customize the order and duration of each image on a photo project. The Next button on the lower left panel allows users to move on to the next image in the timeline.

Ulead Photo Express workspace features a gray background. On the top portion, a number of buttons allow users to customize the workspace view. Users may click the Grab button to move objects around or the Zoom In/Out button to magnify or de-magnify the selected image. Rotate buttons are also provided for one click Clockwise or Counter-clockwise rotations.