Ulead Gif Animator 5.0.5

Ulead Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Ulead Gif Animator is a software that is used for editing and creating GIF files for Web pages.  GIF is a known format used for image files, with built-in data compression feature.  The procedure for adding images is made easy with the application’s drag and drop feature.  Files from various image formats can also be combined to create an animated GIF file.  Such files can be animated or static text, other video files and existing GIF files.

Special effects can be used on different intervals of a video, and is compatible with Photoshop filters. The Optimization wizard ensures that the minimum amount of file size is produced for an animation project.  In addition, the software’s Animation wizard allows for flexible effects to be applied to animated files. Standalone graphics editor and built-in image editors can both be used alongside the application. Output files can be in the form of GIF, Flash Format, True color AVI, QuickTime, video, MPEG and exe. Created files can be saved as either multi-layered Photoshop or PhotoImpact files. In the creation of Web pages, HTML codes specific to the animated GIF file insertion are generated by Ulead Gif Animator. Completed animated GIF images may be in the form of slideshows or text effects.  Ulead is now a Corel company.  Ulead was fully acquired by Corel in the year 2006.