Ulead COOL 3D

Ulead Systems, Inc. (Proprietary)

Ulead Cool 3D is a simple application which allows users to create three-dimensional objects for presentations, videos, or websites.  Text can be typed directly onto the application’s user interface or it can be imported. There are a variety of built-in styles, lights, colors, textures, and backdrops which will allow the user to edit the objects without deep knowledge of 3D application functions. Editing can be done by setting up the actual number parameters or by using the mouse and clicking or dragging the functions on the tools to desired locations or values.

Ulead Cool 3D’s key features include the capability to switch to wireframe mode and manipulate vector objects using the built-in Path Editor. It supports importing of files from Adobe Illustrator and Direct X, too. The application also has a library of special effects including Fire, Explored, and Twist and users have the discretion to modify these or create an entirely different set of special effects which can be used for future presentations, videos, or websites. Freedom of customization allows users to come up with unique visual styles. Movies created can be saved and downloaded as AVI or GIF files. Images on the other hand can be exported as BMP, JPEG, TGA, or GIF.