Ulead COOL 360

Nova Development. (Shareware)

Ulead COOL 360 is an image tool developed by Nova Development for creating 360-degree photographs out of several images. It has a panoramic creator and panoramic viewer features, and it is used with a digital camera to generate a 360-degree image.

The Ulead COOL 360 panoramic creator combines and edits images. Users can add as many images as they want and combine these to produce a single image with a panoramic, wide-angle, or 360-degree angle view. When images are combined, users can still manipulate the output and add special effects to it. Users can view or browse the images and the output image by using the panoramic viewer.

Ulead COOL 360 has a user-friendly interface that allows the users to easily navigate and edit images. It has a wizard to guide the users with three easy methods in combining different images. Users are provided with blending tools, alignment tools, and an automated warping tool to add effects to the digital images. Using these features, the users can create output that can be used with different documents, screensavers, or other visual materials. Outputs can also be sent through email or be used on the Web for personal websites, blogs, or professional sites.