Ulead Cd & DVD PictureShow 4.0

Ulead Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Ulead CD/DVD PictureShow is a slideshow creation and photo-sharing program developed by Ulead Systems, Inc. Slideshows created using this program can be played on most media platforms including TVs, computers, DVD players, and others. PictureShow also features Organization and Import functions. Images to be used in the slideshow can be imported from different media devices such as phones, digital cameras, USB devices, and others. There is also a built-in ExpressFix tool which is included in the program. This tool can be used for fixing different image issues like colorcast, incorrect exposure, focus, saturation, and more.

The application also provides a three-step workflow for the entire slideshow creation – (1) organize photos, (2) choose Instant-Show template, and (3) burn to CD/DVD. The Instant-Show templates are pre-made theme templates that users can utilize when creating slideshows. These templates provide different themes with special effects. Aside from the premade templates, users may also customize the slideshow by adding music, narration, background image, and more. The program offers sharing features as well. PictureShow’s burning function also allows archiving of high-resolution images on the same disk as the slideshow. There is also a CD labeling tool integrated in the program. This tool can be used for printing customized CD indexes and CD labels.