Ulead Burn.Now

Corel Corporation (Shareware)

Ulead Burn.Now is a program that enables users to write or “burn” different files into an optical disc such as CDs or DVDs. This program contains features used to create an automatic-playing audio disc or a backup data disc with different audio files such as MP3s or WMA. With Ulead Burn.Now, users can create either a CD containing 6 hours capacity of running audio tracks, or 45 hours of Dolby Digital Audio or MP3 playlists on a DVD disc. This program provides a three-step process to burning an optical disc. Users must first put a blank CD or DVD into their burning disc drive, select the audio tracks or data files to be burned using the program, and then click on the Burn button to start the disc writing process. The program will work automatically and then notify the user by means of a dialog box once the burning process in complete. The disc-writing time depends on the amount of data being burned in the optical disc.

Ulead Burn.Now features a simple interface that has four main command buttons. First is the “Create Disc” where users can select the files to be burned in the optical disc. The next command button is the “Edit Disc” button where users may select the disc burner to be used in the burning process. This section also contains options where users can select between creating a Data disc or an MP3 disc. The next command button is the “Copy Disc” button, which allows users to copy disc contents to another optical disc by means of multiple disc burners. The last command button is the “Disc Tools” button, which allows users to access the advanced settings for the program.