Ulead BD DiscRecorder

Ulead Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

ULead BD DiscRecorder is a tool for Blu-ray discs. It allows users to get and save videos in the Blu-ray Disc Audio Visual or BDAV format. It even allows editing. To start with BD DiscRecorder, run it from the program folder. Create a new video project there. Users can also create and burn videos. There are a number of preferences users can choose from:

• Resuming all confirmation dialog boxes
• Selecting a TV System
• Checking the homepage website every specific number of days
• Locating a work folder
• Determining how audio is played in the video
• Determining how the audio are exported from the video

BD DiscRecorder also has a way to add programs. To do this, simply capture the videos, add the video files, and import DVD into the BDAV project. The user interface has an "Add/Edit media buttons" that is used to add and edit videos. To view the videos, simply use the preview window. There is a program list to select a video clip to be displayed. To remover programs, check on the "Remove and Info" tab. Viewing program properties are also done in this tab. In "Settings and Options", users can customize preferences and also view information about the software.

Capturing videos can be done by clicking "Capture". Users can also capture videos using an HDV Camcorder. There is also a way to add video files such as a DVD video.