UK Hydrographic Office Admiralty TotalTide

UK Hydrographic Office and Chersoft Ltd (Proprietary)

The UK Hydrographic Office’s Admiralty TotalTide is a tidal prediction application. It provides users with highly accurate and swift predictions of the tidal stream and tidal height of a particular area. This program makes use of official data from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, reducing the possibility of user error. The data generated from this program can be used by seafaring vessels carrying passengers, cargo, and even commercial fishing companies in order to better prepare for trips.

This tidal prediction program contains information for over three thousand tidal stream stations and more than seven thousand ports around the world, and has become a more accurate and reliable application than the traditional paper tide tables. In addition, this program can give accurate predictions for over four thousand standard and secondary ports in the world; the information is displayed in tables and easy-to-understand graphical representations.

The UK Hydrographic Office’s Admiralty TotalTide program is packaged in a CD, and covers the ten areas of the world. Areas 1 to 4 cover Europe, the Northern waters, and the Mediterranean; Area 5 includes the northern part of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and extends to Singapore; the sixth area includes Singapore to Japan; Area 7 consists of Borneo, the Philippines, and Australia; Area 8 covers New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean; Area 9 includes North America’s east cost and the Caribbean; and Area 10 consists of the southern part on the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic.