UHS Reader 6.10

Universal Hint System (Shareware)

The UHS Reader is a tool that is used to view game strategy guides in UHS, or Universal Hint System, format. The UHS provides users with hints for solving puzzles and other parts of computer and video games without including other information that may be regarded as spoilers. The hint system differs from walkthroughs in that it allows users to select only the information they need so they can still solve games on their own. Users can select specific questions from a progression of steps; if they can’t determine the solution from the first subtle hint, they can select the next step which provides a better hint.

The reader provides users with the ability to search through hints using keywords or phrases so they can find specific hints easily. Users can also download strategy guides directly from the reader; there are hundreds of strategy guides available online, covering games of different genres such as role-playing games and action-adventures. The downloaded guides may be saved in the user’s hard drive, so these can be accessed and viewed with the reader even when the user is not connected to the Internet.

The UHS Reader also enables users to print out the contents of hint files so that they do not have to switch windows when playing games. This tool features a simple and intuitive interface similar to a browser, which makes it easy for users to read and search for hints.