UFS Explorer 5.12.1

SysDevSoftware (Shareware)

UFS Explorer is a tool used by professionals for the purpose of data recovery. It can perform this function on a wide range of files system types and on a variety of devices as well. UFS Explorer is developed by SysDevSoftware and intended to help users in recovering lost data. The creator of this utility is recognized as one of the leaders of Data Recovery and Data Organization in the world. The company has used the experience it has gained in working on data storage and recovery in designing this utility.

UFS Explorer by SysDevSoftware uses recovery algorithms that consider many factors. In this way, UFS Explorer obtains the needed results. It is a program that meets the standards of the industry. It utilizes a set of unique recovery strategies for maximum recovery of lost information.

This utility is designed for self-service data recovery and boasts of flexibility, advanced technical abstraction, and a full-range of tools which are applicable to many different operating systems. The user interface provides a convenient means of gaining access to memory cards, flash drives, virtual image files and RAID configuration items as well. Users can also set the scanning parameters based on preference. Additional features of UFS Explorer are its capability to analyze data and diagnose the possible cause of data damage. This tool can also create copies of supported storage formats on the hard disk.