UFO: Alien Invasion

UFO:Alien Invasion Team (Proprietary)

UFO: Alien Invasion is strategy computer game designed by Alien Invasion team and released on April 2012. UFO: Alien Invasion allows the player to fight against aliens to prevent them from taking over the Earth. It is loosely based on the X-COM gaming series. This game features both military realism and hard-science fiction. It also features a turn-based gaming system.

UFO: Alien Invasion features a squad-based tactical strategy gameplay. This game features two game modes—Geoscape and Battlescape modes. Geoscape features strategy and base management including base installation, aircraft control, and troops creation. From the military bases, players can launch interceptor aircrafts during alien activity anywhere in the map. Resources can be researched and acquired for use in base management.  Battlescape mode is also called Tactical mode. UFO: Alien Invasion Tactical mode allows the player to lead a select number of soldiers to complete various combat missions. It features a turn-based gameplay with the aliens and the players taking turns in attacking. Troops may be ordered to fire, throw grenades, or move around the vicinity. Time Units are assigned to each soldier. These Time Units represent the total time they can make their move during a turn. Once the Time Unit lapses, the corresponding player can no longer move until the next turn. Troops may also meet civilians during campaign missions.