UEFA EURO 2008™ Demo

Electronic Arts. Inc. (Freeware)

UEFA EURO 2008™ Demo is a trial version of the UEFA EURO 2008 game designed to simulate the 2008 European Soccer Championships. The demo version features a match between Germany and England. The game is based on the FIFA 08 game, and includes a few modifications that allow players to control the power exerted on free kicks and the swerve of the shots. It features licensed teams, official stadiums, real players, and official kits and balls.

The in-game player ratings are updated in real-time depending on the performance of individual players during the game. This simulation game renders collisions, postures, and facial reactions well. Gamers will be able to see the reactions of team managers whenever a goal or a free kick is made. In addition, the game features realistic weather and field conditions such as rain and mud that affect how teams play.

The game has two game modes: Captain Your Country and Battle of the Nations. In the first mode, players assume the role of the team captain and influence other players on the pitch. The second mode is played online. The game provides in-game player ratings and has support for online play. The Euro Championships only had 16 teams, but the game version features 52 European teams to add longevity, depth, and greater playing experience.