uCertify PrepEngine

uCertify.Com (Freeware)

uCertify PrepEngine is an educational program developed by uCertify and released on December 2007. It is a full-featured test engine that aids students and users in preparing for  the MCSD, MCSE, and several other IT certification exams. It includes more than 30 practice exams called uCertify PrepKits. PrepKits may be downloaded from the uCertify website. Each PrepKit contains one free test.

uCertify PrepEngine features an interactive dashboard that displays the contents of a loaded PrepKit. It can contain study tips, exam objectives, how to topics, and exam articles. These can aid the student or examiner in preparing for the actual exam. This program also features keyboard shortcuts allowing users to multitask and access the PrepKit functions using the keyboard instead of the mouse. It allows users to create tags and attach the same to specific study notes, questions, or any other content. This enables the user to manage the topics pertinent to them. The program features a Discuss It feature that allow users to discuss relevant topics with other users and have a group discussion.

uCertify PrepEngine also features a search and find function. All content, including the study notes and articles, are searchable through keywords. This program also enables users to create custom tests. It also features reporting tools like the Readiness Report which enables the user to determine their readiness.