Uber Icon 1.0.4

Punk! Software (Freeware)

Uber Icon is a simple application that allows users to change the appearance and behavior of icons and folders on the desktop. The program does not have its own window and sits on the system tray upon installation. Users can click on its icon to bring up the application’s menu. It is also integrated into Windows, so users can access the menu by right clicking on a specific icon or folder on the desktop. When installed, the program displays two options for changing an icon’s appearance. These are Async and Reverse. Plugins for the application can also be downloaded from the official website. Some of the plugins include:

• Explosion – The explosion plugin displays an explosion of pixels that are similar to fireworks when the icon is clicked by the user.
• Runaway – This plugin makes the icon fly to different directions on the desktop when the icon is clicked.
• Break – The break plugin divides the icon into plenty of squares. The small squares drip down from the desktop as it fades out.
• Ripple – This plugin changes the appearance of the icon and gives a water ripple effect when the icon is clicked.
• Roll – The roll plugin makes the icons appear as if they are peeling when they are clicked.