Tzar 1.10

Haemimont (Freeware)

Tzar, or Tzar: The Burden of the Crown, is a real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Haemimont Games. The main goal of this game is to overcome nearby kingdoms and destroy all remnants of the previous reign, depending on the game mode. This game is known as the first to implement an extensive “experience” point system in an RTS game. The game continues as long as the characters of the game are kept alive.

The game environment is based on a fictional take on the Medieval Ages. Players need to conquer all other kingdoms and destroy all castles. There are three races the players can assume: Asian, Arabian, and European. In each race, the players can choose and produce different characters, and build several infrastructures. Types of infrastructures and special buildings differ with every race, as do the types of citizens to occupy the kingdom. The game offers a campaign game option that supports single player mode. In the campaign mode, players need to finish specific tasks, like destroying all forces of the opponents and protecting the kingdom from any possible attacks. The game also provides a map editor that allows the players to customize their game map with different features such as strategically-located forests, rivers, and resources.