Typograf 5.1.4

Neuber Software (Shareware)

Typograf is a font manager that allows users to keep track of fonts that are installed in the computer. It supports different types of fonts, such as Type1, TrueType, and OpenType fonts. The program displays font properties and information. Additionally, users can edit the information. The application’s main window displays a preview of the fonts that are installed. Other features of the application are the following:

• Displays complete font information – The program displays the font family name, file name, size of the file, special characters associated with the font, structure, date when it was created, and many others.
• Font comparison – The font comparison feature allows users to compare two fonts side by side and see their similarities and differences. In addition, duplicate fonts can be found by the application.
• File management – Users can also manage files by moving them to a different location, installing new fonts, or uninstalling fonts that are no longer needed.
• Font printing – Font samples can be printed out. Sets can also be exported as PDF files. The application is capable of printing one or several types of fonts in just one page.
• Font database – Users can keep track of all the fonts installed in the system by adding them to the font database.