TypingMaster 98

TypingMaster Inc. (Shareware)

TypingMaster 98 is a typing tutor software program that provides personalized exercises for teaching professional touch-typing techniques. At each stage of training, the program will be adjusted according to the user’s personal progress.

TypingMaster 98 comprises five courses that span the entire keyboard. These courses include numeric the keypad and special characters, and generally help users speed up their typing. Furthermore, there are multiple exercises such as timed texts, visual keyboard drills, and reviews to keep users engaged. For optimal learning, the duration for every exercise will be based on the user’s accuracy and speed progress. They can also set an accuracy goal for the course and let the software monitor problem keys so users can improve their skills through customized reviews.

To monitor progress, the program features advanced tips and feedbacks, including personal learning tips and illustrated statistics on the user’s progress. There is also professional timed test where users can view a detailed report. The software program comes with a smart review, allowing users to keep track of their typing issues. TypingMaster 98 supports multiple users with their personal study profiles. It also has QuickPhrase typing tool – a useful tool that saves commonly-used phrases and pastes them onto any application with a few clicks.