TypingMaster 2002

TypingMaster Inc (Shareware)

TypingMaster 2002 is a tool that helps users improve their touch typing skills. An increased typing speed will save time and therefore boost productivity. Typing efficiency allows users to focus on writing out their ideas and messages without having to look at the keyboard or committing and having to correct typographical errors. This application teaches users proper typing using natural finger movements that reduces stress on the wrists, hands, and neck.  

TypingMaster provides users with customized typing exercises as well as feedback on typing performance, where areas for improvement are pointed out. The feedback includes the number of words per minute, the test duration, and number of errors made. The succeeding exercises will address the weak areas until the user performs better. This application is ideal for novice computer users who are still getting used to typing. It can also be used by those who want to evaluate their mastery level and improve their typing skills for more efficiency.

Users can specify how long they want each training session to be. Test durations range from two minutes up to thirty. The application also lets users take a free test in which there is no time limit. Users can also play warm-up typing games prior to taking the tests.