Typing Tutor 7.01

TypingMaster, Inc. (Shareware)

Typing Tutor or TypingMaster Pro is a typing application that improves a user’s typing speed and accuracy. The program teaches touch-typing, a method wherein users utilize the right typing position by placing the hands on the home row keys. Touch-typing is said to double the typing speed of a user. The program provides users typing exercises that are customized according to the user’s abilities. After each lesson, comments are given to help improve typing skills. The lessons offered by Typing Tutor are also adjusted according to the user’s progress. Lessons are focused on the problem points in order to eliminate them.

Users can also set a goal before beginning the training. The personal accuracy goal can be set before starting a course. This is also a good way of tracking progress. Exercises are provided in different forms. These include keyboard drills, timed texts, and even typing games. The user’s progress can be viewed with a graph that can track long-term statistics.

Here are other features of the typing application:
• Satellite feature to analyze typing in other programs
• Support for multiple users
• QuickPhrase typing tool for storing phrases that are always used
• Bite size exercises to fit a busy schedule
• Optimized duration