Tycoon City - New York

Deep Red Games (Proprietary)

Tycoon City – New York is a simulation game that was first released in 2006. The game allows players to build and manage their own version of Manhattan in New York. Players have two options when playing the game – Build and Sandbox.

• Build – In Build Mode players go through the campaign of the game. The first area to build is Greenwich Village. Players must complete tasks in order to gain access to other districts in New York that must be developed.
• Sandbox – In Sandbox Mode, players are free to build New York in any way they want. Players have complete control over the starting amount of money to use, the building rating, and the number of competitors.

Other districts that can be unlocked in the game include Soho, Central Park, Harlem, Liberty Island, and the Lower East Side, among others. Users can choose from the different buildings, landmarks (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, United Nations Headquarters, etc.), and other elements that can be added to the district. Players can also have their own businesses and control what type of business they should have. Challenges include beautifying and improving the district within the budget, beating business competitors, and be the number one business owner in New York.