Bluefive software (Shareware)

TXTcollector is a powerful tool from Bluefive Software designed chiefly for grabbing filed in TXT format from any directory. With this function, users can combine these files into a larger file so that they can read the whole document continuously by opening only one file. The latest version includes a prevention system that kicks in when scanning a partition or the entire disk volume.

The uses of TXTcollector are many, including streamlining the compilation and presentation of daily and weekly reports in thousands of offices making use of this application. In addition to its basic function, this program can also be used to form combinations of server backup logs and network log files. This program is also equipped to handle documents in other file formats, including CSV, XML, and HTML.

TXTcollector by Bluefive software is a useful application that makes cutting and pasting text sections obsolete. It is simple and straightforward but it performs a very important function that makes it a handy tool for personal and professional use. To facilitate fast completion of tasks, Bluefive programmers created a plain and user-friendly interface that clearly presents buttons and menu options. After selecting the specific file format and directory, users of this program only need to stand back and allow it to complete the task at hand.