Tim Wentford (Freeware)

The TWReader is an eBook reader developed by Tim Wentford for its Agenda VR3 PDA. Agenda VR3 is a type of PDA and distributed since 2001 using X window and a custom Linux kernel. Today, even though Agenda VR3 seems obsolete, it can still be used as a serial terminal, an eBook reader, or as a development board for use on embedded programming, particularly for embedded Linux progams. TWReader is an application that can read HTML format books or plain text format books.

TWReader does not support Chinese characters yet; however, users can tweak it by using ‘less’ and ‘w3m’. By using ‘w3m’ and ‘less’, users can read GB2312 encoding or HTML-formatted eBooks that are in simplified Chinese. The desktop of Agenda VR3 features Microcom, Network, GBXVT, Jrxvt, Sound, Power, VRsync, Terminal, and Status Bar. To download and upload files in TWReader, users may use Rsync. Through the Linux PC, users may add the line in - /etc/hosts: agenda. After that, users must go to a network available via PPP over a serial cable or infrared. Using these steps, one can ‘rsync’ files between PC and the Agenda VR3 (TWReader).

Today, supports for TWReader are already discontinued; however, Tim Wentford released an updated version of the former called Agenda Reader. Agenda Reader was ported to Zaurus, which was more developed than the original Zaurus platform.